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One World Calendar Group

The One World Calendar Group is a network of four partner organisations. Three NGOs, namely Helvetas Switzerland, 11.11.11/CNCD Belgium, Cimade France and the magazine New Internationalist Great Britain. Since the founding date in 1973 the group cooperates in the development of an annual calendar. The One World Calendar is a celebration of a shared humanity, the photographs provide an insight into the lives of people in different cultures throughout the world, focusing on those living in the developing countries. Worldwide there are about 65'000 sold.

What is the One World Calendar?

The One World Calendar is a visual expression of shared humanity. Its purpose is to foster understanding of and empathy with the world's diverse cultures and peoples. The aim is to select beautiful, honest and insightful images of outstanding quality.

Who produces the One World Calendar?

The One World Calendar Group is an international collaboration between not-for-profit organizations. Part of a global movement for change, we are united by our mission to help to end poverty and injustice.

What does the group do?

Every year we collaborate to bring you the One World Calendar. We choose the highest quality images. We support Majority World photographers, using their work wherever possible. We share editorial, design and marketing ideas. And we share our experiences in printing and production to reduce our environmental impact.

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Barbara Stauss (Graphic Designer)                                              Monika Linggi (Secretariat OWC)
barbara.stauss@helvetas.org                                                          monika.linggi@helvetas.org

Briefing of the OWC 2020

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Our partners


11.11.11 is the coalition of NGOs, unions, movements and solidarity groups in Flanders, Belgium. 11.11.11 combines the efforts of 90 organizations and 375 committees of volunteers who work together to achieve one common goal: a fairer world without poverty. By supporting development initiatives in the South. By influencing the policies of national and international authorities and organizations. And by conducting campaigns in our own country to achieve a change in attitude.

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New Internationalist

The New Internationalist is an independent not-for-profit publishing co-operative. Our mission is to report on issues of world poverty and inequality; to focus attention on the unjust relationship between the powerful and the powerless worldwide. Besides calendars and diaries we publish easy-to-read, informative current affairs titles and popular reference, complemented by world food, photography and alternative gift books. We also publish the monthly New Internationalist magazine.

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Cimade is an association created in 1939 to help people displaced and gathered in camps in the South of France. During the second world war, the association participated actively in the resistance against Nazism and in saving Jews. After the war, it worked for reconciliation between France and Germany, then for the independence and development of the former French colonies, in particular Algeria. Today Cimade helps asylum seekers and aliens in France, and is engaged in developing solidarity in Eastern and Southern countries.

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Helvetas was founded in 1955 as the first private organisation for development co-operation in Switzerland. In 2011, it merged with Intercooperation. Nowadays, Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation operates in around 30 countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe. Its activities focus on such needs as procuring food and drinking water, protection the climate and the natural resources, education and active participation. Helvetas acts as a partner for disadvantaged people who want to actively improve their living conditions. It is driven by the vision of a world in which all people live in dignity and safety, and pay due regard to the environment. In Switzerland, Helvetas fosters solidarity with developing countries by carrying out development-related activities, organising public awareness campaigns and promoting fair trade. Helvetas is a denominationally and politically independent association supported by over 100‘000 members and donors, as well as a dozen regional groups and countless other voluntary helpers.

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